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Does your family have what it takes to be the best?
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A team of over 130 volunteers make this awesome event happen on the day. Remember, all our profit goes to charity. We guarantee you will have a fantastic day if you sign up to help volunteer.

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Following the success of the “Family Cup” competition, does your family have what it takes to be the best in 2024?

Simply enter a relay team made of family members – from siblings, parents and children to grandparents and you could take away the “stunning & savage” trophy. Will you be the family for 2024?

Our most asked questions for supports at the Croyde Ocean Triathlon
Our most frequently asked questions for athletes taking part in the Croyde Ocean Triathlon
Stunning but less savage
750m ocean swim, 18.5km bike and 5.5km trail run
stunning & savage
1.5km ocean swim, 37km bike and 12km trail run

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